Mother and daughter property agents help regenerate North Liverpool neighbourhood

Bespoke Lettings has struck up a partnership with a leading property developer to renovate and rebuild an entire neighbourhood in North Liverpool.


Phil Warren, responsible for the purchase and refurbishment of 14 properties in Marled Hey, Stockbridge Village; has enlisted the help of the mother and daughter property duo Bespoke Lettings with the aim of securing desirable tenants (such as young professionals and families), following his months of extensive work to develop these formerly derelict buildings.

Director of Bespoke Lettings Susan Hind believes that the venture will bring pride back to the community and continued development in the local area:

“We are delighted to be operating alongside Phil, who has worked hard to not only rebuild properties but also mend a local community at the same time.

“As a result of his attention to detail during the wide scale property overhaul, the rental demand for the homes has been astonishing. Within three weeks we were able to secure tenants for all of the three and four bedroom semi-detached properties.”

In order to maintain the improved reputation of these newly refurbished properties, Bespoke Lettings will carry out routine inspections and maintenance checks to certify that the properties remain orderly, as well managing rental payments.

Phil Warren is delighted with the partnership:

“Susan has enabled me to find suitable tenants, all of whom will hopefully play a part in improving the neighbourhood. The overall aim is to bring back good old-fashioned community values.

“It has been such a rewarding journey of transformation, as I have received many thanks and congratulations from people living in the area. I have a great sense of satisfaction in knowing that the properties are now highly appreciated by their tenants.”


Words: Peter Cribley

Source: Bespoke Lettings

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