New agency will help working mums secure family-friendly jobs

Liverpool-based marketing and brand manager Alishia Thomas came up with the idea for M0THER after a frustrating year of unsuccessful applications and interviews. Dawn Collinson reports

Alishia Thomas
Entrepreneur and founder of M0THER Alishia Thomas with daughter Noa


A Liverpool businesswoman has set up her own freelance agency to connect working mums with jobs which have flexible family-friendly hours in the creative, marketing and digital industries.

Marketing and brand manager Alishia Thomas came up with the idea for M0THER after a frustrating year of unsuccessful applications and interviews.

Demanding requirements

The mum-of-one decided it was time to bridge the gap between new mums, their working hours and employers by adjusting the workplace to fit in with the demanding requirements of motherhood and full-time employment.

“Too many women’s skills are lost when they become mothers because traditional working hours just don’t suit them anymore,” explained Alishia. “They can’t commit to the 9 to 5, or 8 to 6, so they end up feeling sidelined and under-valued.

“But why should women have to sacrifice such an enormous part of their lives just because they’ve had a baby? I want M0THER to complement a woman’s career and skillsets by connecting them with clients who need specialised marketing freelancers.

“It’s a case of working the job/client around your family, commitments and lifestyle, as work can be done during evenings, weekends or when your baby sleeps.

“Work shouldn’t have to feel like to work. I wake up every day and I’m thankful to have created this opportunity to work for myself and control my own working diary.”

Maternity leave

Alishia, who lives in south Liverpool, started her first business, gifting service Oh Me Oh Mama, three years ago when she was on maternity leave after having her daughter Noa. Her website has grown into a huge success with more than 13,000 followers on Instagram, but she was keen to restart her marketing career too.

After 12 months of no replies or rejections, she decided to take control of her own work life and help other women to do the same.

“After all the negativity I thought, if I’m going through this there must be so many other women who can’t return to the roles they’d like – so why not create a community of freelance women specialising in digital, marketing and creative industries?”

women, office, work
M0THER will create a community of freelance women in digital and creative


Worldwide brands

Alishia says M0THER, which will launch this month, will bring together freelancers and clients, connecting skills and hours to suit both.

She is already collaborating with global mums community app Peanut, and has signed up freelancers who have worked with national and worldwide brands.

“By fighting to close the gender pay gap, I feel now is a time when women are taking control of their work situations,” added Alishia. “I really want to make mothers the life and soul of this agency and to encourage them to raise businesses and babies at the same time.

“I chose the agency’s name because M0THER is all about mothering the growth of online businesses and also creating a nurturing environment where women can grow professionally and personally.

“Ultimately my aim is to help change a system that isn’t working for mums, so they no longer feel like they don’t fit anymore.  I’m excited to introduce M0THER to the working world and see what creative business ideas we can hatch together.”

Businesses interested in finding out what M0THER can offer, or women currently looking for marketing, digital or creative roles, can get in touch with Alishia via

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