New cycle fitness studio opens in Wirral

Fitness entrepreneur Annie Sablier opens DIIG Cycle Studio in Wirral offering beat-based spinning classes. Tony McDonough reports

Annie Sablier
Annie Sablier, founder of DIIG Cycle Studio in Wirral


Professional rhythm cycle coach, Annie Sablier has launched a new studio in Wirral offering beat-based cycling classes.

DIIG Cycle Studio combines spin classes with encouraging beats, creating a full body workout experience for those attending. The studio is based in Moreton.

Annie, who is from Wirral, has been honing her riding and coaching skills over the last three years after qualifying as a rhythm coach in London.

From there, she started working in boutique cycling clubs around the UK. She believes there is a physical and mental benefit to the style of riding and techniques that she’d been developing.

Annie felt that they needed to be shared and available to those in her local area, and wanted DIIG to be unlike any other spin studio in the North West.

Classes are available everyday, both in the morning and afternoon for all levels. Annie said: “Our DIIG Ride 45 minute classes provide a full body burn, riding to the rhythm of empowering, mood-boosting beats.

“Our classes will see our riders pushing themselves to the limit, releasing stress and letting go with our supportive community.


DIIG Cycle Studio
DIIG Cycle Studio in Moreton in Wirral


“We have various themed playlist rides which are shared on our Instagram page, and for those who want to take it up a level, we have an extra challenging 60-minute class.

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“On Sundays, we take it back to basics with our Reset Ride where the playlist consists of powerful, transient beats to help our riders re-engage, ground themselves and tune into focusing for the week ahead.”

The mum-of-two took over a two story retail unit in Moreton, Wirral earlier this year. She spent six months renovating the space. On the ground floor is a  juice and coffee bar while the second floor houses 25 bikes, mirrored walls, a sound system and club lights.

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