New post-Brexit support service for Mersey firms

Trading with the EU has become trickier since January 1 but now Liverpool city region business support organisation Growth Platform is offering a new service for local firms. Tony McDonough reports

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Brexit has created confusion for many businesses since January 1


Business in the Liverpool city region that trade with the EU are to get access to a dedicated transition support service.

Britain left the EU a year ago but it was only the beginning of this year that a new trading relationship with there bloc came into force. New regulations have caused confusion for many businesses and there are early reports of a significant dip in trade.

Now Growth Platform, the Liverpool city region’s business support organisation, is offering a new transition support service. It aims to provide companies in Liverpool, Wirral, Sefton, Knowsley, St Helens and Halton with the guidance, resources and tools they need to successfully trade with countries in the EU.

As part of the new service offering, regional businesses will be able to register for free one-to-one advice sessions with Growth Platform’s team of EU transition advisors. The sessions are designed to give businesses advice on how to best align their operations with the new EU trading arrangements which came into force on the January 1.

As part of the service’s wider offering, businesses will have access to a central online hub of tools, guidance and news relating to the new trade rules. Also, they can join the service’s LinkedIn community group where they can connect with other businesses to discuss and share best practice and advice on adjusting operations to meet EU trading standards.

Janice Mears, head of business growth at Growth Platform, said: “The EU transition period has now passed. If you’re a regional business trading with the EU, you must ensure your operations are compliant with new trading standards and regulations. We know that navigating the new rules is tricky, that’s why we’ve launched the post-EU transition support service.

“It’s designed to give businesses all of the up-to-date information they need regarding the UK’s new trading relationship with the EU in one place. If you’re a business leader that’s unsure about the requirements your business now needs to have in place, we’d urge you to visit the new service’s dedicated webpages or book a call with one of our EU transition advisors.”

As well as providing general business advice, the post-EU transition service will also be providing tailored resources for businesses operating in a diverse range of sectors from shipping and logistics, to manufacturing and tourism.

Ben Flanagan, leader of the support team, added: “Understanding and complying with the new EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement is of vital importance to any businesses that engage with EU member states.

“Failure to do this could lead to delays, additional costs, and the potential loss of business. Each business will have its own particular challenges when it comes to compliance with the new rules, standards and regulations.

“I’ve been working in partnership with our local Chambers of Commerce to design a service that delivers value to their members and the wider Liverpool business community. Growth Platform’s new service is a great place to start when it comes to ensuring you’re up to date with the new standards and rules relating to doing business with the EU.”

Click here to access the post-EU transition advice pages and click here to book a one-to-one call with the support team or email

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