North West hailed as an upcoming corporate finance powerhouse

According to leading sources, the M&A market is set to remain strong over the coming six to nine months following a recent “frenzy” of deals.

This influx of deals that occurred during the first half of the year has lead DC Advisory’s managing director Richard Pulford (pictured) to champion the North West as a “corporate finance powerhouse”.

He has hailed Manchester’s ability to attract law firms and corporate finance advisers which are looking to the city for growth, as well as its recent increase in private equity activity and IPOs.

Pulford has predicted that the next six to nine months are going to be extremely busy for the city as at least 10 to 12 businesses are set to up to the market in September, as well as more IPOs.

He said:

“We’ve had an unusually high level of activity in 2014 and I don’t think this is the new level of normal activity.

“We’ll see things drop off a little bit to a nice steady level.”

Pulford is also championing the strong business and financial community in the North West. He said:

“The great news for the local market is everyone is busy and there’s a lot of activity which makes a lot of different from the preceding five years.

“We’re really becoming the powerhouse of corporate finance and M&A outside London in the North West, and you really feel that there’s a gravitational pull towards Manchester.”

“I know of at least one private equity house that is going to be opening up in Manchester in the coming weeks and there are a couple of others who are thinking about it,” he said.

“People vote with their chequebooks in this game and if you’ve got people expanding and hiring then it’s as good of an indicator about the future as you can get.”

Source: Insider Media

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