Nugent CEO to step down and return to Canada

Chief executive of Liverpool charity Nugent, Normandie Wragg, is to step down from her role and return to her native Canada to be closer to her family. Tony McDonough reports

Normandie Wragg
Normandie Wragg is stepping down as chief executive of Nugent


Normandie Wragg, chief executive of one of Liverpool biggest and longest-running charities, is to step down and return to her native Canada.

Since joining Nugent in 2013 as director of operations, Normandie has overseen significant changes at the organisation. In particular she oversaw a digital transformation during the pandemic.

Nugent’s work stretches back to the 19th century when Father James Nugent opened schools and care facilities for the poverty-stricken children of Liverpool.

Now employing more than 500 people, backed up by a team of volunteers, Nugent provides a network of specialist facilities.

These include schools for children with complex needs, care homes and centres for children, young people, homeless those with disabilities and for the elderly. It also provides a number of supported living homes

It carries out extensive work in the wider community including providing food banks and providing groups for deaf people, those who are hard of hearing and people with learning. disabilities.

Nugent also supports families through the adoption process. And it is the lead sponsor for Syrian refugee families in Merseyside.

Introducing Nugent’s first Equality, Diversity and Inclusion strategy in 2020, Normandie is an advocate for inclusivity, with her pledge to increase ethnic diversity. She has seen staff diversity increase in the charity by 3% to 6% over the last two years.

Spearheading Nugent’s new female leadership team, Normandie has also overseen a positive £2m financial turnaround at the charity in 2022/23.

Recent successes for Nugent and Normandie include the news from July, which saw all of Nugent’s care homes and services reach exemplary good and outstanding ratings with OFSTED and the Care Quality Commission.

In an interview with LBN in October, Normandie said: ““The pressure on our sector is huge, it always has been. COVID was a big challenge but the gift it offered was to highlight just how much of a difference the third sector makes and what the true cost of social care and education really is.”

Normandie will also be stepping down from her role as chair of the Liverpool 800 Group of charities and from her roles as deputy chair for the national Children’s Home Association and the Mayoral Action group on Poverty and Life Chances.

Deputy chief executive and chief governance officer, Joanne Henney, will begin handing over from Normandie starting from January and will act as interim CEO whilst Trustees recruit to the permanent position.


Clumber Lodge
Clumber Lodge, one of a number of facilities operated by Nugent


Normandie plans to return to Canada in the spring in order to be closer to her family. She said: “Throughout the pandemic we all realised the importance of family and being with our loved ones.

“I have taken the incredibly difficult decision to step down from my role as Nugent CEO in 2023, in order to move back home to be closer to my Canadian family. My heart will always be with Nugent.

“My time at Nugent, which has coincided with our 140 year anniversary, has been extraordinary. I am immensely proud of everything that we have achieved as a charity that cares for, educates and protects vulnerable children, young people and adults.

“From speaking on national TV about national policies, to growing a strong, talented and values driven team, I’d like to thank all of our kind hearted staff members, volunteers, parishes, trustees, stakeholders, and commercial partners, who without them none of this would have been possible.

“I have every confidence that Jo Henney and the Trustees will now take the charity to the next level, as we move forward and learn from the past, in order to push forward change in the care sector that improves the life chances for all.”

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