NWCR and LFC team up to raise awareness

The North West’s leading cancer research charity will encourage men to open up and start talking about one of the region’s biggest killers, as part of a unique event designed to help combat the rising number of cancer cases in men.

North West Cancer Research

Lads…We Need To Talk About Cancer

North West Cancer Research (NWCR) will hold its ‘Lads…We Need To Talk About Cancer’ event this week, which is being supported by the Liverpool FC Foundation.

It will take place on Friday 27th June, with the aim of helping men understand more about cancer, how to spot potential symptoms and highlight some of the work which is being done in the region to beat it.

Figures show…

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in men in the UK and latest cancer incidence figures show that 167,487 men were diagnosed with cancer in 2011. Four types of cancer in particular – lung, prostate, bowel and breast – account for 53% of all new cases in men in the UK.*

Figures also show that men are 67% more likely to die from non sex specific cancers than women. Another report from the National Cancer Experience Survey identifies that late diagnosis is a key factor in the rising number of cancer deaths in men. The report cites that 24% of men with prostate cancer visited their GP at least three times before their disease was identified, compared with 8% of women with breast cancer.

Emma Squibb from cancer research charity NWCR, explains that the reasons why men are more likely to die of cancer than women is yet to be explained, but there is a variety of factors such as lifestyle choices and lack of awareness which could be factors

She said:

“When you look at the statistics, the number of men being diagnosed with cancer is alarming and really highlights the importance of taking a proactive approach when it comes to the prevention of cancer in men.

“Up to now there has been little conclusive research which explains the differences between cancer in men and women, but one of the key factors is a lack of understanding and awareness. It is important that we ensure men have access to all the information they need about cancer, so that they can look out for the early warning signs, take advantage of screening opportunities available and book that all important GP appointment as early as possible.

“Simply by talking about cancer and raising awareness of its symptoms, diagnosis and treatment, we can take a step towards the early diagnosis and prevention of cancer in men.

“Our ‘Lads…We Need To Talk About Skin Cancer’ event has been designed to do exactly that. It’s a great chance for men to come along and find out more about all the different types of cancer which could affect them, hear from some of our world class researchers and get some tips and advice on how to lead a healthier lifestyle.”

Liverpool FC Foundation runs a Men’s Health Programme which aims to improve the lives of local men by harnessing the power of the badge in order to encourage sustainable healthy lifestyle changes. Launched in 2005, the programme supports around 10,000 men each year and covers issues such as obesity, heart disease and cancer. Participants are also offered the chance to look round some of the cancer research labs at the NWCR’s centre at the University of Liverpool.

Mark Haig, Head of Foundation Operations at Liverpool FC, said:

“Liverpool FC Foundation is delighted to support this event, encouraging men to be talk about cancer. We know that here in Liverpool we have some of the worst cancer statistics in Europe and there’s still a lot of work to do to encourage local people to choose healthy lifestyles, to recognise the signs and symptoms of cancer, and to go to the doctor as soon as they have concerns.”

Since 1948 NWCR has funded around £30m research in the North West, at Liverpool, Lancaster and Bangor Universities

‘Lads…We Need to Talk About Skin Cancer’ will take place on Friday 27th June from 1.30 – 3.30pm at the North West Cancer Research Centre on London Road. The event is free but spaces are limited. You can book your space via the Eventbrite page.


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