Ofsted praises Liverpool’s ‘college for business’

Ofsted inspectors say the City of Liverpool College is making an ‘outstanding’ contribution to meet the skills needs of the local economy. Tony McDonough reports

City of Liverpool College
The City of Liverpool College has been praised in an Ofsted report


A report by Ofsted inspectors has praised the City of Liverpool College’s “outstanding” contribution in meeting the training needs of city region employers.

A team from the Government’s education watchdog sent an inspection team into the college and their subsequent report gave it a ‘Good’ overall rating but rated its personal development and adult learning programmes as ‘Outstanding’.

In 2022-23, just 10% of colleges inspected by Ofsted received an ‘Outstanding’ accolade in adult learning. Inspectors also praised the college’s “exceptional” network of stakeholders across civic, community, education, and employer communities.

They recognised the college experience as “transformative and life-enhancing”, with the College going above and beyond to develop its students beyond a qualification under its approach of “careers, not courses” and meeting employer needs.

The college’s contribution to meeting the skills needs of the economy was described as “strong”, the highest possible grading and one only a handful of colleges have received since its introduction.

Particular praise was given for “weaving work-related opportunities seamlessly into their curriculums”. Its range of apprenticeships were also commended for helping students develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours that employers need.

Partnerships with employers were also acknowledged by the inspectors. They said its impact was recognised “locally, regionally, nationally and, in a few instances, internationally”.

Teachers were commended for the way in which students are supported to develop relevant skills for the workforce.


Elaine Bowker
Elaine Bowker, principal and chief executive at the City of Liverpool College


Elaine Bowker, principal and chief executive at City of Liverpool College, said: “We are thrilled by the incredibly positive comments made by Ofsted inspectors, particularly around our outstanding personal development and adult learning opportunities.

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“Our partners in industry and across the city region have been integral in supporting us to get to this point, recognised in the references in the report to the ‘exceptional’ contribution we make to meeting the skills needs of the economy.

“To be one of just a few colleges receiving such excellent marks is a testament to the hard work and resilience of our teachers and students, plus the support of the wider business community.”

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