Former Reds ace Carra helps Mersey firm celebrate its new investment

Jamie Carrgher visits ventilation and refrigeration products firm Greenwood Hargreaves to help the team celebrate a new investment

Greenwood Hargreaves
Jamie Carragher with the team at Greenwood Hargreaves


Merseyside ventilation and refrigeration products firm Greenwood Hargreaves is now a maker as well as a seller – and former Liverpool FC star Jamie Carragher popped along to the firm to help them celebrate the transition.

Based at Maritime Enterprise Park in Atlas Road, Greenwood Hargreaves is the sister company to the leading ventilation and air-conditioning firm Everkool. Formerly known as Hargreaves, it was bought out and later rebranded by owner Craig Greenwood in 2018. It has served the the region for more than 20 years. 

Up until now the firm has been a wholesalers of ventilation and refrigeration products but now, with investment into a new piece of equipment – the spiral 1620 – Greenwood can now produce ventilation products in-house. As a result, the company can sell its own branded products to other businesses.

Over the last twelve-months 14 new jobs and apprentices have been created at the firm to help its expansion and the team welcomed Carragher, one of the Red heroes of the Champions League final in Istanbul and now a Sky Sports presenter.

Mr Greenwood said: “It was brilliant to have Bootle’s own Jamie Carragher visit us at Greenwood Hargreaves. It was great that he took time out to launch the ‘spiral 1620’ and learn more about our expansion and plans for the future. It gave us all a huge boost and I know the team were pleased that he came in so soon after getting back from the European Cup final in Madrid.”

Jamie added: “Craig is a brilliant business success story and it is great that he is investing in creating jobs and training opportunities for local people. It was good to visit the warehouse to meet him and the team. Greenwood Hargreaves has a great future ahead.”

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