Referendum result irrelevant as Sasudi finds 95% of SMEs fear sales

Maximising sales is more important to your business than whether we stay in or leave the EU. That’s the view of Leigh Ashton, co-founder of, the world’s first online subscription service that helps SMEs develop effective sales strategies and techniques.

Beneath the increasingly acrimonious wall-to-wall talk about the pros and cons of in or out lies a simple truth. Businesses themselves hold the key to their success – and that key is sales.

Forget the well-worn arguments about red tape, employment opportunities and trading agreements being trotted out by both sides. Ignore those who say the vote on 23 June will be the single biggest factor in the success or otherwise of your business.

It won’t be. Not by a long chalk.

The single biggest factor in whether a UK small business succeeds or fails is its ability to sell. And Sasudi has found find that over 95 per cent of SMEs find selling uncomfortable. So much so that they’ll use any excuse to avoid it.

Leigh said:

“There’s a debilitating lack of confidence among people who need to sell to build their businesses. I’ve known some business owners who literally come out in a rash when they hear jargon like closing and objection handling. I fear many of these people are using the referendum as an excuse to stand back and delay their sales activity until the result of the vote is known. Our message to them is this: it doesn’t matter what happens on 23 June. Develop your sales expertise and your business will grow.”

Sasudi has five key sales support resources:

The Learning Zone

Assessing your sales skills, homing in on exactly what it is about selling you don’t like and tackle it head on. At the Sasudi Learning Zone, you’ll discover how to develop a sales mindset and finesse the techniques that work for you. And with a choice of videos, articles and e-learning courses on everything from how to create a winning mindset to how to make successful, stress free sales calls, you can choose how you learn. It’s  updated continuously, so you’ll always be learning.

The Inspiration Zone

This is your personal motivation centre – the place where you keep all your upbeat stories, quotes and other feel-good stuff. You’ll also find loads of articles, short courses and other resources about the empowering effects of positive psychology on sales performance. Think of it too as your ‘in case of emergency’ fall back for when you need a motivational boost.

Your sales control centre

Here, you’ll find the tools to develop your winning sales strategy. Sasudi is not just teaching you sales in theory — it wants you to implement it, too. Goal setting, lead management, progress tracking, best practice examples, task scheduling, diary management. It’s all here in one place to keep you firmly on track.

Team Sasudi – the community

Lots of people are in the same boat as you when it comes to sales. Chat with them, share experiences and give and receive advice here in the Sasudi community.

Customer management area

With Sasudi, you won’t need to invest in any expensive CRM (customer relationship management) software. As a registered user, you’ll have access to integrated apps for recording communications, setting reminders, tracking emails and preparing and sending regular newsletters.

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