Ships on the Mersey and high and low tides on Tuesday, January 16

Stena Lagan, Mersey
Stena Lagan departs the Mersey for Belfast. Picture by Tony McDonough


Shipping movements on the Mersey today, include:

Wec Mondriaan, a container vessel coming from and returning to Portugal. Agent is JSA Global.

Ranger, a container vessel coming from Portugal and sailing on to Ireland. Agent is Cory Bros Shipping.

Ruth Borchard, a container vessel coming from and returning to Israel. Agent is Borchard Lines.

Tenacity, a chemical tanker carrying animal and vegetable oils from the Netherlands. Agent is Yorkshire Shipping.

European Endeavour, a roll-on, roll-off vessel coming from and returning to Dublin operated by P&O European Ferries (Irish Sea).

Birkenhead to Belfast: Stena Mersey will depart the Twelve Quays terminal at 10.30am. Stena Lagan will depart at 10.30pm.

Liverpool to Dublin: Seatruck vessels Power, Pace and Progress will sail from Brocklebank Dock at 9.30am, 6pm and 10pm.

Mersey Ferries: Click here for a full ferries timetable.

High tides: 10.48am (8.84m) and 11.09pm (8.66m)

Low tides: 5.09am (2.05m) and 5.32pm (1.99m)

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