Ships on the Mersey and high and low tides on Wednesday, September 27

Liverpool2, the latest addition to the Port of Liverpool


Shipping movements on the Mersey today, include:

Wec Vermeer, a container vessel coming from and returning to Portugal. Agent is Quality Freight (UK).

Floragracht, a cargo vessel sailing to Canada. Agent is John Good Shipping.

Federal Saguenay, a bulk carrier carrying animal foodstuffs from the US. Agent is Clarkson Port Services.

Balmoral, a passenger vessel. Agent is White Funnel.

Sti La Boca, a chemical tanker carrying animal and vegetable oils from the Netherlands. Agent is Yorkshire Shipping.

Shipping information supplied by Peel Ports

Birkenhead to Belfast: Stena Mersey will sail from the 12 Quays terminal at 10.30am. Stena Lagan will depart at 10.30pm.

Liverpool to Isle of Man: Manannan will sail from the Pier Head at 7.15pm.

Liverpool to Dublin: Seatruck vessels Clipper Ranger and Seatruck Power, Pace and Progress and Clipper Ranger will sail from Brocklebank Dock at 5am, 11am, 4.30pm and 7pm.

Mersey Ferries: Click here for a full ferries timetable.

High tides: 3.52am (7.85m) and 4.17pm (7.71m)

Low tides: 10.30am (2.99m) and 10.53pm (3.19m)

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