Ships on the Mersey and high and low tides on Friday, January 7

Bromborough Dock
Ships on the Mersey from Bromborough Dock. Picture by Tony McDonough


Shipping movements on the Mersey today, include:

Aurora, a container vessel coming from the Netherlands. Agent is Borchard Lines. Agent is BG Freight Line – Rotterdam.

CEG Universe, a cargo vessel carrying scrap metal from Ireland. Agent is Normac Shipping.

Arklow Valiant, a cargo vessel carrying scrap metal. Agent is EMR Shipping. 

Stena Forecaster, a ro-ro vessel coming from and returning to Ireland. Agent is P&O European Ferries.

Norbay, a roll-on, roll-off vessel coming from and returning to Dublin operated by P&O European Ferries (Irish Sea).

Birkenhead to Belfast: Stena Embla will depart the Twelve Quays terminal at 10.30am. Stena Edda will depart at 10.30pm.

Liverpool to Dublin: Seatruck vessels Clipper Point, Progress and Power will sail from Brocklebank Dock at 3.30am, 9.30am and 10pm.

Mersey FerriesClick here for a full ferries timetable.

High tides: 2.08am (8.83m) and 2.26pm (9.15m)

Low tides: 8.54am (1.86m) and 9.30pm (1.58m)

Sunrise: 8.25am

Sunset: 4.11pm

Shipping information courtesy of Peel Ports

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