There’s no place like home for 95-year-old Florence

At the age of 95, grandmother-of-two Florence Black is still living in the house where she was born, making her one of housing association Riverside’s longest-standing customers. Andrew Wright reports.

Florence Black of Wavertree is 95 years old and has lived her entire life in the same house, her mother buying the house when it was new.


The nonagenarian, from Wavertree, was born there, married and lived with her husband there, then raised a family of her own, all in the same house.

Her parents were the first to move in to the terraced house when it was built 101 years ago.

Six years later, Florence was born in the front bedroom. The house has since been the backdrop to many happy milestones in Florence’s life, including getting married to her husband Charles Black.

Together they also made the house their home and brought up their two sons, Arthur and Gordon, there.

Florence said: “It is a lovely street and I wouldn’t like to leave. I’ve been very happy here. I’ve stayed all my life because I love living here and I’m surrounded by such lovely people.”

Liverpool Improved Houses, now known as Riverside, established in 1928, and acquired the property, just off Picton Road, a few years later.

Florence added:  “I couldn’t have asked for a better place to call home – I’ve lived a very happy life, and I couldn’t have asked for better neighbours. They may have come and gone over the years, but the street has stayed a great place to live. We are such a close-knit community who all get on well and there’s never been any trouble.

“One of my old neighbours who is in her 70s moved away years ago but still keeps in touch. She still comes to visit me and brings flowers on my birthday which is so lovely. Where else would you get that?”



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