University of Liverpool in top 15 European Healthcare Schools

According to a web article by “Top Master’s in Healthcare Administration” encouraging US students to study abroad, the University of Liverpool ranks in the top “30 Great European Universities for Studying Healthcare”.

The article ranks universities by affordability, as well as focusing on first-rate healthcare administration degree programmes. The methods for the review began with a list of more than 170 renowned university according to QS World University Rankings and narrowed that list down to a top 30 according to seven key data points, including number of medical programs available to bachelor’s degree students, student-to-faculty ratio, university reputation with employers and percentage of international students.

Editor of Top Master’s in Healthcare Administration, Shel Goldstein, said:

“We wanted to highlight some of the excellent opportunities to study healthcare outside the U.S.

“These present some outstanding options perhaps not presently top of mind with U.S. students.”

The article itself was produced to give featured schools a chance to shine, highlighting the best qualities of the universities involved, with the University of Liverpool ranked in the top 15.

The full rankings are as follows:

Below are the 30 European schools for healthcare administration and their locations as listed in the article:

30. University of York: Heslington, England, United Kingdom

29. University of Nottingham: Nottingham, England, United Kingdom

28. University of Warwick: Coventry, England, United Kingdom

27. University College Dublin: Dublin, Ireland

26. Technische Universitat Munchen: Munchen, Germany

25. Cardiff University: Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

24. University of Groningen: Groningen, Netherlands

23. Queen’s University Belfast: Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

22. Universitat Zurich: Zurich, Switzerland

21. Universite de Geneve: Geneva, Switzerland

20. University of Glasgow: Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

19. Newcastle University: Newcastle upon Tyne, England, United Kingdom

18. University of Copenhagen: Copenhagen, Denmark

17. University of Southampton: Southampton, England, United Kingdom

16. University of Birmingham: Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

15. Trinity College Dublin: Dublin, Ireland

14. University of Liverpool: Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

13. Queen Mary University of London: London, England, United Kingdom

12. The University of Manchester: Manchester, England, United Kingdom

11. University of St. Andrews: St. Andrews, Scotland, United Kingdom

10. Imperial College London: St. London, England, United Kingdom

9. Maastricht University: Maastricht, Netherlands

8. University College London: London, England, United Kingdom

7. University of Bristol: Bristol, England, United Kingdom

6. Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne: Lausanne, Switzerland

5. University of Edinburgh: Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

4. King’s College London: London, England, United Kingdom

3. University of Cambridge: Cambridge, England, United Kingdom

2. ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology): Zurich, Switzerland

1. University of Oxford: Oxford, England, United Kingdom


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Words: Peter Cribley

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