Video: Liverpool’s best-dressed man reveals his 26 wardrobe essentials

Michael Frackowiak is the founder of Men’s Finest Pocket Square, a Liverpool-based business that designs, makes and sells bow ties and pocket squares – he offers his invaluable style tips

Michael Frackowiak is always immaculately-dressed. Picture by Sane Seven


By a country mile Michael Frackowiak is the best dressed man in Liverpool – and now you can follow his sartorial lead with his 26 essential wardrobe items for men.

Liverpool lads once had an unenviable reputation for shellsuits and trackie bottoms but Scouse chaps are a little better dressed these days and Michael is on a mission to push that bar even higher.

He is the founder of Men’s Finest Pocket Square, a local business that designs, makes and sells bow ties and pocket squares (little hankies that sit in the pocket of your suit jacket).

VIDEO: Watch Michael Frackowiak step out stylishly around town

“Many lists have been created but my list hopefully addresses all the shortcoming of the other lists and tackles all the doubts that men have when they are buying their own clothes or if their better half is buying them for them.

Here are Michael’s invaluable 26 wardrobe essentials so you can step out with style and sophistication:

  1. Brown/black leather dress shoes – ideally 100% leather and not made in China. Instead look for shoes made in Europe or the US, that have actually stitching through their sole and smell like leather. Aim to spend £80 – £130.
  2. White sneakers – aim for plain white, something that doesn’t necessary scream who is the manufacturer . I would personally have two pairs, in case one gets a bit grey – and they need to be comfortable.
  3. Other shoe essentials – mocks, loafers, and boat shoes and Chelsea shoes would all complete your wardrobe essentials. Could be a different colour, different material, but I would think that a budget of £60-£90 is enough.
  4. Socks – tall and colourful. There is plenty of shops selling colourful socks that are slightly longer than average sock length. It is worth looking at those as men generally tend to have hairy legs, and no one wants to see your hairy legs.
  5. No-show socks – ideal for summer time to add to your white sneakers, loafers, or even double monks straps.
  6. Jeans – Solid dark wash jeans that fit well. By fit well I mean they should break on the shoe, be slim fit (not skinny) and they should be of good quality. Pay up to £90 and play safe with a good brand.
  7. Chinos – They are the most versatile of all so buy two to three pairs of different colours. Blue, yellow, white, tan, brown and Navy – buy them all if you can. One rule here is that they need to fit you well. Ideally, you must be looking for a slim fit.
  8. Wool trousers – these are just an addition to your wardrobe could be used from your suit or you could purchase them separately. You should not spend more than £40 – £50.
  9. Sportswear – Going to the gym doesn’t release you from an obligation to look stylish. You have to pay attention what you are wearing and how it shows your body. Check out Gymshark.
  10. Dress shirt – you should have lots of these – at least one for every day of the week. Two major colours – white and blue. And only buy slim fit shirts.
  11. Casual shirt – also an essential part of your wardrobe as they fill in the gaps between t-shirts and the dress shirt option.
  12. Solid t-shirt – don’t spend too much on the t-shirt because chances are you are going to wash it on the wrong settings and with the wrong colours. It is one of those items, same as socks, and underwear that you should buy often and have got plenty of.
  13. Polo t-shirt – There are lots of companies making polo t-shirts. Different quality, different prices.
  14. Sweater or jumper – I like when a cardigan or sweater fits you like a glove so I highly recommend buying nice fitting sweaters, slim fit in solid colours.
  15. Cardigan – same rule applies here. They need to be slim and of a decent quality.
  16. Single-breasted navy suit – There is only one place I would purchase any of my single-breasted suit from – SuitSupply. The quality to price ratio puts all the other high street brands to shame.
  17.  Double-breasted suit, a different colour – I’d choose also one from SuitSupply… for now. Until I have got my own suit line and take over the double-breasted section of this guide.
  18. Leather/casual belts – I discovered a company recently that made the buckle and the holes that you make in your belt obsolete. That company name is Anson Belt and since then I have not wore any other belt.
  19. Leather bag – Always look for classic styles and shapes. I recommend spending a bit more on your bag. It is going to last you forever.
  20. Travel bag in another material – When I travel I need something that is handy. I can pack a lot of stuff in and it is going to look stylish. Gone the days where I would travel with some horrific looking two wheel canvas fit-in-the-cabin wheelie bin.
  21. Trench coat – there is only one brand that truly represents the Britishness of trench coat and that is Burberry. They range in price from £500 to £1500 and are timeless and classic.
  22. Jacket – we have got two very strong candidates here: a denim jacket and any sort of bomber jacket. First one is definitely on point and on trend now, with denim being back big time. However, a bomber jacket could be of different colours.
  23. Watch – they are the exciting part of dressing up. It is the finishing touch that makes all the difference. It is the details that make you stand out. Invest in watches – lots of them. They don’t have to be original and don’t have to cost thousands of pounds.
  24. Bow ties – they should be fun. Use them wisely because if you wear them every day, you may actually like it and people will start noticing you and you will get compliments.
  25. Pocket squares – many people think they are just an additional accessory that you can live without. Not True. You should know by now that should never leave home without a pocket square. Have at least 10-15 different kinds.
  26. Hats – they are not only to protect yourself from the sun’s rays but also to look stylish in the process. Hats and any other head covering pieces of clothing, like caps, scarves etc. have to become part of how we plan and organise our wardrobe and outfit.

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