Wirral lender’s 70% female workforce bucks financial services trend

Bridging Finance Solutions is continuing to appoint women in a diverse range of roles, from junior positions to senior board level

Bridging Finance Solutions
Female members of the Bridging Finance Solutions team


Wirral specialist property lender Bridging Finance Solutions (BFS) says it is bucking the trend of a male-dominated financial services sector with almost 70% of its workforce now comprised of women.

BFS, which operates from Wallasey, is continuing to appoint women in a diverse range of roles, from junior positions to senior board level. Its head of operations, head of underwriting and financial controller are all women.

Earlier this year BFS formed part of the latest group of businesses to sign up to the Government’s official gender led equality initiative, ‘The Women in Finance Charter’.  The Charter was set up as part of the Government’s plan to tackle gender inequality in financial services.

Steve Barber, managing director of BFS, said: “Cultivating a female led workforce wasn’t necessarily an intentional move but is a trend that has evolved organically.

“Our business continues to grow at an average rate of 25% year on year. We are undoubtedly perceived as a modern and innovative business in what is often considered  a very traditional industry and our female led work force is obviously one of the key differentiators.

“Female influence has without doubt helped shape BFS, from our personal approach to the systems, flexible working and the processes we follow. While all of our appointments have been made on an equal opportunity basis, the successful – and best – candidates have largely been women.

Any specific efforts to recruit women to leadership roles in corporate settings is useless unless there is an encouraging culture for anyone to succeed – at BFS we feel everyone has a voice to be heard and respected and gender therefore is irrelevant.

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