Wirral venture offers private workout rooms

Being launched this weekend, BareRooms in Wirral will eventually offer 30 hi-tech rooms in a converted warehouse with gym and sports equipment to allow members to work out in private. Tony McDonough reports

BareRooms is based at Valley Road Business Park in Bidston


A new Merseyside fitness business is set to open and is aimed at people suffering from “gym anxiety”.

Going to the gym has never been more popular in the UK. In 2021 more than 10m people held gym members – more than 15% of the adult population. However, many people who would like to attends fitness centres or classes are nervous about doing so.

However, a new venture is launching at Valley Road Business Park in Bidston in Wirral that aims to address this gap in the market. BareRooms, which offers monthly memberships starting at £15.99, will allow people to exercise alone, or with a small group of friends, in private rooms.

It will have rooms equipped with the latest gym equipment, including treadmills, spinning bikes, barbells, kettle bells and boxing equipment. There are also flexi rooms and yoga rooms. Phase one will see seven rooms available, phase two will add a further 10 and phase three will take the total to 30.

Along with fitness rooms, the converted warehouse also has a golf simulator room for golf practice and a virtual reality room which contains omni-directional treadmills allowing the participant to walk run jump etc without the risk of bumping into things.

Founder and managing director Wayne Hughes, told LBN: “This is a fitness and leisure centre where we are trying to address a problem that many people face and that’s their reluctance to go to gyms.

“Many people wont go to a gym as they basically don’t know how to use equipment or have just general gym anxiety. I believe this facility is the first of its kind anywhere in the UK.

“Our rooms are equipped with everything that’s required for a complete workout along with a projector that displays a class of their choice. People can exercise alone or with their friends.”

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