Wirral waste firm B&M offers households an alternative to council bin collections

B&M Waste Services At Home is offering people in Liverpool, Wirral and Chester an online service where they can range a convenient date for collection of their residential waste. Tony McDonough reports

B&M is offering a domestic refuse collection service to people in Liverpool, Wirral and Chester


Private waste disposal form B&M is targeting people in Merseyside and Cheshire who are fed up with the frequency or unreliability of their council refuse collection.

Rubbish disposal has become a hot political issue across the UK in recent years as councils have made signifiant changes to their refuse services. Many people are frustrated at less frequent collections and confusing polices on different types of waste.

Now the Wirral-based company has launched B&M Waste Services At Home across Liverpool, Wirral and Chester.

The online service will allow customers to arrange a convenient date for collection of their residential waste, pay securely and then simply put their bins out as they would normally.

David Curtis, director at B&M Waste, said: “Residents are becoming increasingly frustrated by infrequent bin collections from our councils. We’re always striving to improve our offering and we work hard to listen to our community.

“Naturally then, B&M Waste Services At Home was a no-brainer. We’re excited to deliver this new service and hope to expand it in the future.”

B&M also says it is a carbon neutral organisation and aims to send zero waste to landfill.

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