All work and no play… Liverpool employees doing 13 days of unpaid overtime every year

A survey of 1,300 workers across the UK by independent job site CV-Library, found that for too many people the idea of a work/life balance is being worringly ignored . Tony McDonough reports

People in Liverpool may be working too many hours and putting their health at risk


Workers in Liverpool are working more than two weeks a year for free, new research reveals.

A survey of 1,300 workers across the UK by independent job site CV-Library, found 44.4% of workers in the city were doing unpaid overtime equivalent to 13 days every years.

Given the standard working week is five days this amounts to more than a fortnight and is higher than the UK figure of 36.7%.

And the study found that more than one in five – 22.2% – could be working up to 34 days extra a year.

The study explored average working hours across the UK and whether the traditional nine-to-five day still exists. It revealed 66.1% of workers in Liverpool believe that the traditional day is an outdated concept.

More than 56% agreed that this is because mobile working options mean people can work from anywhere at any time. Other key findings include:

  • Only one third (35%) of professionals in Liverpool still work a traditional 9-5 day
  • Worryingly, over one third (36.8%) are working six days a week
  • And despite 90% believing that every business should offer flexible working, two thirds (67.8%) said they still don’t have the option to work from home

Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library, said: “It’s become clear from the data that workers in Liverpool are putting in too much overtime.

“It’s concerning to learn that one in three are even working six days a week. Being overworked can lead to burnout, as well as having many other negative implications for the wellbeing of workers.

“Though technology may be great for enabling flexible working, it could also be disturbing the work-life balance of the city’s professionals as they continue to do work related tasks outside of office hours.”

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