‘Zoo keeper’ brings monkey business to Liverpool

Are you a monkey, a lion, an elephant or a dolphin at work? Motivational speaker and self-proclaimed ‘chief zoo keeper’ Nigel Risner is coming to Liverpool to explain more. Tony McDonough reports

Nigel Risner
Motivational speaker Nigel Risner is coming to Liverpool


“When you understand animals you are working with, life works”… so says Nigel Risner who says our workplaces are basically zoos.

Obviously if you are reading this and work at Chester Zoo then that is literally true… and you probably have a head start on this stuff. However, how does Nigel’s philosophy relate to our more conventional workplaces?

In his book, It’s A Zoo Around Here, Nigel breaks down ourselves and our work colleagues into four categories. We are all either monkeys, lions, elephants or dolphins.

Lions are the visionaries of the office, single minded and determined. They can clash with elephants who are more cautious and analytical. Dolphins are the caring and supportive souls while monkeys are playful and tend to act on impulse.

Learning the language of each type is the key to effective communication and turning a chaotic workplace into a productive one.

Nigel will be coming to Liverpool on Thursday, February 15, to explain more. In the 1980s and 90s he was a highly successful commercial finance broker. Today he is an internationally renowned motivational public speaker and performance coach.

He speaks at more than 150 conferences each year and has won multiple awards for his work. He aims to “empower and energise” his audience and teaches them how to build long-term strategies for success in all aspects of business.


Chimpanzee, monkey
In his book, It’s A Zoo Around Here, Nigel says we are all either monkeys, lions, elephants or dolphins
An Asiatic lion at Chester Zoo
Lions are the visionaries of the office, single minded and determined


“Our job is to discover the traits and personalities of the people we are talking to so we all communicate phenomenally well,” he says.

Nigel will speak at a corporate showcase event at the Gravity Max leisure complex in the former Debenhams store in Liverpool ONE. Starting at 5pm the event with an intro from the venue’s commercial director, Shane Williams.

Nigel said: “I am super excited to be coming to the city of culture this month, to share how to create  a massive impact and be an effective zoo keeper. Communication is the key to success.”

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Gravity Max opened its doors last summer and has already proved a popular destination for individuals as well as businesses who are looking for team building experiences.

Shane Williams added: “This event is perfect for those of you in business who are looking to develop your business further, enhance your professional skills, grow your business network or boost your motivation for 2024.”

Click here to book a place at the event

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