Barclays to create 150 new apprenticeships in Liverpool

Barclays Banking Group are to create 150 new roles for apprentices in Liverpool.

News comes as part of Barclays’ pledge to create 800 new apprenticeships around the UK in 2015.

The focus of these new roles will be on helping young people who are currently not in education, employment or training (NEETs) into full-time, paid positions.

The apprentices will join the 2,000 already appointed by Barclays from around the country over the previous two years.

Successful candidates will work across the business, including the branch network, retail operations and Barclaycard.

The pledge forms part of the bank’s commitment to help young people gain the skills and experience they need to fulfil their potential.  As part of its commitment, Barclays focused its recruitment on those young people who have not achieved academically or were from a disadvantaged area.

Since April 2014, almost all (95%) of the existing 2,000 apprentices have stayed on at the programme and are enjoying the benefits of a real salary from day one.  They also achieve a level 2/3 qualification by the time they have completed the scheme.

Cath Meldon, site president and head of customer service, Barclays Liverpool Contact Centre, said:

“The most motivating aspect of our apprenticeship programme is seeing young people, especially those who perhaps didn’t achieve academically, grow in confidence and aspiration.

“Our 2,000 apprentices have been a real asset to the organisation and I’m incredibly excited to welcome the next intake.

“Our goal is to help our apprentices grow with us, not just in the skills they learn, but in the confidence they gain as well as to help them build a bright future.”

The Barclays apprenticeship programme provides full pay from day one, equivalent to a new joiner, and ensures dedicated training towards recognised qualifications and regular mentoring.

In addition to the 2,000 apprentices already hired by the scheme, the LifeSkills employability programme at Barclays has helped more than 700 young people find apprenticeships and traineeships with local small firms.

Along with the 800 new apprentices that will be recruited from the NEET segment, Barclays is also exploring apprenticeship opportunities for those returning to work or looking for a new career.



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