Crowdstream launch innovative CRM

New York-based Crowdstream has announced the launch of its cloud computing-based services that will allow online retailers to tap into the power of big data to drive their businesses forward and become more profitable.

Being able to quickly and easily analyse the streams of data created by customers buying online – everything from their buying history, favourite items, abandoned carts, frequency of visiting and much more – has fast emerged as one of the leading ways of boosting sales. Crunching the data, however, can be problematic if the right software is not available.

Crowdstream customer relationship management (CRM) software was designed with ease of use in mind, and to deliver data that can be swiftly understood and used to a firm’s advantage. It’s especially beneficial for small businesses, companies that may not have the time and resources to spend on data analysis but need it all the same, because it allows them to access customer analytics and segmentation. Crucially, the dashboard displays events relating to customers, such as repeat sales and returning customers, and it also gives a snapshot of current revenues.

There are three basic steps to the software’s implementation: an e-commerce store connects via a plugin, and it only takes minutes to set it up. Next comes the collection phase, whereby visits, sales and other data are recorded. Then it’s on to the all-important analysis part of the software’s functionality. This allows online stores to break their customers down into different segments and to reach out to them with mailing campaigns and create solid relationships, and more sales.

Companies wishing to try out Crowdstream can do so for free for 14 days, after which they can choose from a number of highly competitive packages that relate to their size. Pricing starts at just US$29 per month for start-ups with one e-commerce store and around 1,000 customers. There are no contracts to tie companies down, and no additional fees. Additionally, the service can be cancelled at any time that clients want.

A company spokesperson said they were delighted to introduce this innovative, and affordable, cloud-based CRM, allowing users to connect wherever they are in the world.

“We built this platform so that smaller businesses can understand their customers in the same way that the enterprise has been able to for years – for an enterprise-sized price – and we hope all kinds of small businesses can now use it to increase their revenues.”

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