BID appoints ‘unmissable ambassadors’ for city centre

The Liverpool BID Company has appointed a team of ‘unmissable ambassadors’ to assist businesses and visitors in the city’s Commercial District.

Distinctively attired in long coat and bowler hat, the team has been recruited in response to a consultation with businesses in devising a new 5 year plan for the Commercial District.

The team consists of Nathan Marsh, 38, of Waterloo, Sarah Heron, 32, of the Wirral, and Peter McCann, 49 of South Liverpool. Their appointment follows the introduction of two police officers last autumn who exclusively patrol the city centre’s two BID districts.

In the consultation, which included a week long roadshow, businesses highlighted the need for an increased face to face service in reporting issues to the BID Company and to improve the welcome to the Commercial District.

The BID ambassadors are to act as welcome guides to help visitors locate key buildings such as the Passport Office and the Town Hall to car parks and hotels or even where the nearest defibrillator may be located, to underpin the BID’s recent successful campaign with Medicash to provide 2 minute coverage for the life-saving machines across the District.

The team, who will be on patrol in the district Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm, are also briefed to identify and report any issues raised by or affecting businesses and to communicate the latest BID projects, events and opportunities.

As the BID puts plans in place to continue its successful track record into 2021, the BID Company felt the ambassador team would be a key investment for the Commercial District, providing immediate impact and added value to businesses in the area.

Nathan, Sarah and Peter have already proved their worth liaising with businesses on their first ‘rehearsal’ day when a bomb scare saw the Commercial District put into a lock down last Friday, 8th January.

Bill Addy, Chief Executive of Liverpool BID Company, said:

‘‘Our BID ambassadors have a vital role to play in ensuring the Commercial District functions smoothly – be it acting as a guide for visitors, liaising with our BID police to providing crucial information to our businesses, as we saw in last week’s bomb scare.

‘‘We’ve been listening to our businesses and they’ve told us loud and clear they wanted to see more police and a face to face service from the BID that can assist visitors, their clients and their employees.

‘‘From the BID Company point of view we have a lot of events coming up in the Commercial District from the public realm works and security training sessions to our first Restaurant Week and Nathan, Sarah and Peter will be integral to helping to make new connections and promoting to businesses the opportunities we provide.’’

Jim Gill, Chairman of the Commercial District BID, added:

‘‘This part of the city centre is extremely busy so having two extra pairs of eyes and ears is very useful to the business community and our city centre partners.

‘‘We have much to communicate to our BID businesses so I am sure our ambassadors will find themselves in great demand as they become better known across the District.’’

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