The Brink hosts its monthly instalment of wax lyrical

One of the city’s most acclaimed social hubs is hosted its monthly installment of Wax Lyrical last Saturday (December, 13).

The Brink, located on Parr Street, will see the return of the popular music initiative that showcases some of the city’s best musical talent, whilst exploring various issues surrounding mental health.

This month’s Wax Lyrical saw the arrival of panelists Richard Lockett from Birkram Yoga Liverpool and Alan Turnock from Kailash Buddhist Centre, who will discussed the benefits of yoga and meditation for the mind, body and health.

Events Manager, David Barnicle said:

“Our ever so popular Wax Lyrical event – which is in partnership with The Open Door Centre – is an attempt to create awareness and dialogue about important societal issues regarding mental health that sometimes might not be openly discussed amongst the public.

“As December’s theme was yoga and meditation, our team of expert panellists shared their knowledge and research, which suggests how relaxation can cleanse the mind and help those in recovery.”

In addition to the health focus, in “true Brink style” a trio of live acts devliered a mixed array of melodic merriments to help set the vibe. Artists included The Floormen, Mich Roach and The Meteorites.

David added:

“Although it’s the health and recovery angle that makes The Brink stand out from the crowd, events such as Wax Lyrical are highly enjoyed by general members of the public who have a passion for music and good conversation.

“The free ethos of The Brink combined with its welcoming mainstream venue is what appeals to just about everyone of all ages and all walks of life.”

For more information regarding events at The Brink, and to find out when the next Wax Lyrical is on, visit

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