Busby strikes new partnership with rewards business

Busby is an app launched in Liverpool in November 2019 by Barry Green, James Duffy and Kirk Ryan to improve safety for cyclists and is now being utilised for other outdoor activities

Busby founders Kirk Ryan, Barry Green and James Duffy


Road safety app venture Busby has secured a new partnership with rewards business Sweatcoin to enable outdoor enthusiasts using smartphone safety technology to earn rewards while exercising.

Busby was launched in Liverpool in November 2019 by Barry Green, James Duffy and Kirk Ryan to improve safety for cyclists. It works in the background of a smartphone to automatically detect incidents like a crash, fall or injury.

It asks the user if they are okay and alerting emergency contacts if help is needed in real time. The creators have also developed a threat reporting system in their app with an SOS feature allowing vulnerable road users to call for assistance wherever they are in the world. 

Sweatcoin is one of the world’s leading incentive platforms. Its rewards people for walking, and their steps are counted and converted into a new type of currency, sweatcoins. These can then be redeemed in exchange for exclusive rewards including gift cards, lifestyle products, gadgets, digital subscriptions and more. 

Kirk Ryan, co-founder and technical director at Busby said: “We’re extremely excited to partner with Sweatcoin to create a rewarding experience for our Busby users while they protect their outdoor activities.

“As a result, not only can their loved one’s have peace of mind that everything is OK, but our users can now earn sweatcoins to purchase exclusive products and offers from our Marketplace. 

“Both Busby and Sweatcoin teams worked tirelessly to bring this partnership together in a short amount of time, and our users have much more to look forward to throughout our partnership.”

Sweatcoin previously rewarded users for walking but the safety integration with Busby now converts multiple activities such as cycling, skiing, running and jogging into sweatcoin currency too.

Jack Warrilow, head of strategic & API partnerships at Sweatcoin, added: “This is a powerful addition to the ecosystem of apps using Sweatcoin as a rewards provider. It diversifies the healthy habits we want to promote, beyond walking and running, and is a step in the right direction towards a healthier, happier planet.”

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