Catacombs tour of St George’s Hall returns

St George’s Hall has announced that it will see the temporary return of its winter favourite Catacombs Tours, which will be held between Monday 16th and Saturday 21st March, giving brave explorers a closer look at the Stygian depths of the Liverpool landmark.

These subterranean theatrical events are bound to set even the most hardy of travellers ashiver, and thousands of people are anticipated after the popularity of the two runs of tours held in 2014 so you’ll have to act fast if you want to get a ticket.

Theatrical company Lovehistory Ltd will reprise their role as tour masters, while a whole company of actors will portray new characters and present new stories unearthed from Liverpool’s hair-raising history. Visitors are invited down into the depth to experience The Catacombs of Liverpool’s Darkest History, descending into the past to discover the  dark secrets at the heart of St George’s Hall.

St George’s Hall Manager Alan Smith said:

“The popularity of these tours has been incredible with over 4000 people attending and it is wonderful to see these previously unused areas animated in such a way for public use. It shows Liverpool’s love of its history and its fascination in exploring its many beautiful buildings.”

Promenade performances will take visitors through the court room and into the dark cells that lurk beneath the grandeur of the Great Hall, catching a glimpse of the final holding places for those awaiting condemnation, with spectators encountering colourful characters that will recount their twisted tales.

Previously used as as billeting quarters for the police and the army during transport strikes, the Catacombs also saw use as food dispensary and a water store during WW2. Now they will welcome the public to engage with local history through drama and performance.

Lovehistory promise a unique theatrical experience and, with their own history of promenade theatre success and murder mystery dinners within the Great Hall, they’re bound to deliver.

Creative Director of Lovehistory, Judy McLean, said:

“I was absolutely delighted to witness so many people enjoying our previous tours and it’s given me the inspiration to write some further stories, for all those who came along, come back for another instalment and for all those who didn’t make it, this will be opportunity to see undiscovered parts of the hall and some great theatrical performances“.

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