Chamber scheme will guarantee job interviews

A chamber of commerce is working with three employers to offer training and a guaranteed job to people in Liverpool city region. Tony McDonough reports

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Routeway to Employment will offer guranteed job interviews to people who complete the course


St Helens Chamber of Commerce is working with a trio of employers to help people across Liverpool city region find jobs.

Through the Routeway to Employment programmes, potential candidates can complete a short free training course to update their skills and give them the qualifications the employer is looking for.

After this programme is complete each candidate will be guaranteed an interview with one of three employers.

In November, two Routeway to Employment Programmes are running. One is for customer service roles with MPAAS and another for door supervision roles with Elite Security NW and Lodge Service Security.

Mike Unsworth, career development manager at St Helens Chamber, said: “Employers across the region are facing challenges in finding qualified candidates. These programmes aim to fill the skills gap and ensure that local people have everything they need to be successful in securing the roles available here. 

“Not only does the training give candidates a guaranteed interview, but they will also leave with qualifications, updated CV’s and strong interview skills thanks to our team of expert Careers Advisers who know exactly what these employers are looking for.”

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Each Routeway to Employment Programme covers a range of areas including mental health first aid, CV writing, interview skills and health and safety. Depending on the route the candidate wants to take, there is an added sector specific qualification. 

Candidates choosing customer service will receive a Level 1 customer service qualification while door supervision candidates will receive a fully-funded SIA Licence.

Jamie Walker, recruitment and digital strategy at Elite Security NW, added: “We’re excited to meet potential candidates. We think the Routeway to Employment Programme is a great way to find qualified applicants in the local area at no cost to our business.”

Information sessions are taking place on November 2. Click here to find out more about the Routeway Programme.

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