City welcomes wellness centre

A new wellness centre has launched in Liverpool that is quite unlike anything the city has seen before.

Kapucia combines a range of treatments, classes and healing therapies with regularly scheduled workshops, that will provide people from Liverpool and the North West with access to leading health and wellness practitioners from across the world, all under one roof.

Conveniently located on Lord Street, opposite LiverpoolONE, Kapucia is set to become an oasis of calm in the centre of our busy city. Classes, including meditation, yoga and pilates, will begin in the coming weeks and take place in the studio space.

The organic juice and smoothie bar is already open daily, serving healthy wholefoods, snacks and drinks – all of which are 100% vegan and organic. It is, however, far more than a physical space – Kapucia is a community of like-minded individuals with a common goal to heal, empower and educate.

Every weekend the centre will play host to workshops on subjects ranging from self empowerment to past life regression, with every therapist, speaker and practitioner having been painstakingly selected, following years of research.

Kapucia is the vision of local entrepreneur Sarah McBride; a business consultant by day, Sarah has divided her time between Liverpool and London for years and has been passionate about holistic health, wellness and spiritual development her entire life.

Having spent lots of time in the capital, as well as travelling abroad, she has had the opportunity to work, practice and study with top Harley Street hypnotherapists, sought after shamans and leading fitness professionals. Her vision with Kapucia is to create a place where the people of her home city have access to the exceptional individuals she has met along the way. Having taken the time to qualify as an energy healer, as well as a raw vegan nutritionist, Sarah lives and breathes her belief in the therapies and practices she is sharing. Those who become part of the Kapucia community can be assured that only the most authentic, evidenced practitioners will be showcased.

Sarah said:

“The full title above our door is Kapucia, the Karma Collective and that is exactly what the centre is – a coming together of everyone I have benefited from working with on my own journey towards holistic health. Over the years I have learned to truly take control of my own health and spiritual progression and I learn more every time I work with these people. I want to group them all together and give the people of Liverpool the same access to tried and tested professionals that is available in London.

“Kapucia is about empowering people by providing them with the tools they need to take control of their own development, hence our focus of workshops. We are already a community and we invite anyone who is interested to take a yoga class, meditate with us or book onto one of our workshops and join us.”

Planned workshops include Seeds of Consciousness, Sound Energy Healing and Past Life Regression, amongst others. Regular classes, including chi kung, pilates, rebounding and yoga, will be introduced in the coming weeks and vegan health and wellness products, including Revolution Foods, juice detox programmes and Buddha Beauty Company items, are available from reception.

For schedules, opening hours and membership options visit

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