DAM Health expands Down Under

A Liverpool health diagnostics firm is growing its overseas footprint by opening new clinics in Australia and New Zealand. Tony McDonough reports

Prof Frank Joseph, left, and Liam Spence of DAM Health


Liverpool medical diagnostics firm DAM health is opening new clinics in Australia and New Zealand.

DAM already has more than 60 clinics in the UK and centres in both Spain and Mexico. Its new bases will provide medical supplies as well as opening diagnostic hubs in major cities in both countries.

The firm will support hospitals and pharmacies with medical supplies and equipment. And will wll also set to expand services to include health screening and medicals, DNA testing and early prostate cancer testing.

During the COVID-19 pandemic DAM Health rode the wave of soaring demand for private COVID testing. Since 2020 it has carried out 1.5m COVID tests. However, in July LBN reported that, for the past year, the business had been putting together a diversification strategy.

It is unveiling a range of new services. These include DNA sequencing, epigenetic testing and other diagnostic tests for preventive and reactive health care for a range of conditions and illnesses.

DAM employs 1,000 people and has 12 operational laboratories and more than 100 clinics worldwide. Other new services include vitamin therapy, cryotherapy, weight management and travel vaccines. It continues to offer rapid COVID-19 testing and fit-to-fly facilities with same-day results.

Liam Spence, director of people and marketing for DAM Health, said: “The expansion into Australia and New Zealand is a significant move for us. We have established the DAM Health brand in the UK, Spain and Mexico.

“We will utilise the strength of our base in the UK, with more than 60 clinics, as well as the range of online services DAM offers. The move gives DAM a foothold in another major continent.”

Founded by Professor Frank Joseph, DAM Health has 62 clinics across the UK. They include Liverpool, Manchester, Essex, Birmingham, Newcastle, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Belfast and London.

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