Defunct Charitygiving website starts making owed charity payments

The UK Government’s Charity Commission has lauded announcements from the interim manager of the Dove Trust, the charity running the now defunct donation website Charitygiving, that owed payments are being devolved charities and good causes owed money through the site.

The interim manager reports that around £2 million is owed by the Dove Trust to nominated charities, and there is £700,000 immediately available for distribution. Following a High Court order, the charity has committed to deliver at least 35 pence of every pound owed to charities and good causes pledged money through the defunct website.

This follows the interim manager’s appointment in 2013, which saw reports that there were insufficient funds to fully distribute owed funds to the site’s 1,800 charities. Due to the complexed nature of charity and trust law issues, the Charity Commission asked the court to decide how the interim manager could lawfully distribute the funds to hand. July 2014 saw a ruling that the available funds should be distributed among the beneficiaries in proportion to the outstanding payments, with a High Court order confirming that the process should be taken by the interim manager who should also carry out calculations in advance of paying money to the charities.

Charities who believe they are affected should look at the information on the Charitygiving website and follow the instructions set out:


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Words: Peter Cribley

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