Free will writing service making charitable contribution to cancer research

Prudent people in Liverpool, will be able to obtain a Will free of charge if they consider making a donation to support cancer research in the city.

McClure Solicitors is offering to prepare Wills, as well as a Will review service free of charge, a service which usually costs £150 for a single client or £240 for a couple. All they ask is that you consider making a donation to North West Cancer Research.

The firm which has an office on Fenwick Street in Liverpool has made the commitment to draw up the legal documents as part of a free Wills initiative to help raise money for local charities in the areas in which the legal firm operates.

People will also have the opportunity to remember the charity in their Will if they desire, ensuring that when they die they can leave a legacy donation which will further support cancer research in the North West.

Around 36 percent of people over the age of 55 in the UK do not have a valid will in place. Wills are important legal documents and without them, everything that people accumulate throughout their life may go to the wrong people in the event of their death.

McClure Solicitors has more than 160 years of experience in the legal industry, specialising in Wills, trusts and estate planning.

Andrew Robertson, Managing Director McClure solicitors said:

“Writing a Will is one of those jobs that everyone means to get round to but tend to put off for one reason or another. Now we are giving people a chance to get a proper Will professionally written free of charge.”

North West Cancer Research, which has its headquarters in Liverpool, is one of the region’s biggest locally focused cancer research charities. It has committed to funding more than £11.2 million worth of cancer research over the next five years, £7.7 million of which will be spent in Liverpool.

The charity relies on voluntary donations to allow it to continue its valuable work looking at increasing our understanding of cancer, its causes, diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

McClure Solicitors will continue to offer the free Wills service for the rest of the year and into 2016 as part of a long-term commitment to the charity.

Anne Jackson, CEO North West Cancer Research said:

“Having an up-to-date Will is important to ensure a person’s wishes are carried out and loved ones are provided for.

“It is also a chance to support a cause that means something special to them and help charities like ourselves continue to support the valuable research we do.

“We would like to encourage all our supporters who don’t already have a Will to take up this very generous offer from McClure Solicitors, as well as to consider leaving a legacy donation in their Will. As a charity legacy donations are very important, accounting for a significant proportion of our charity income.

“No matter how small, leaving a gift in your Will is an extraordinary act of generosity and really will make a huge difference to life-saving research projects, helping us create a better future for cancer patients and their families throughout our North West region.”

To find out more about McClure Solicitors free Will writing service visit or call into a McClure branch today.

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