“Glass Poetry” event at Liverpool Hope University

Student, alumnae, staff and even members of the public are invited to share their favourite poems by literally writing them on the windows of Liverpool Hope University’s Gateway Building.

From 9AM – 1PM tomorrow, Wednesday 8th October the university will be hosting Glass Poetry, organised by the univerisity’s English Department and the student English Society.

People will be offered chalk pens to write down their favourite quotations, or even entire poems, on the large glass windows that cover the university’s main entrance.

The event aims to start conversations about how poetry can influence people’s everyday lives, offering an insight into how we can introduce yet more poetry into out daily routine.

Whether you’ve got a poem on your mind, or you’re seeking out inspirations, staff anf student will provide poetry books and help when it comes to searching down quotations with a personal meaning. Participants are also welcome to read their quotation out loud before putting pen to window.

Dr. Alice Bennett from Liverpool Hope University’s English Department said:

“Poetry permeates our lives, even if we don’t realise – from the first rhymes we learn at school, to weddings and funerals, and national and international events. It is used in advertising, and even in sport.

“The Glass Poetry event is an opportunity for people to help create a visible patchwork of the poetry that means something to them. We are really looking forward to finding out what people choose, or if certain poems or quotations have a resonance with more than one person.”


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Words: Peter Cribley

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