Good workflow needs proper hydration

A leading Knowsley-based water cooler supplier is advising local businesses to stay hydrated, in order to boost productivity and focus in the workplace.

Managing Director of Home 2 Office Water Coolers, Steve Wrest, explains that not only is a fresh water supply a legality in all UK offices, it is also offers vast amounts of health benefits – which help workers to ‘perform to their best ability’.

He said:

“It’s important to stay hydrated throughout the working day, especially with the summer months fast approaching. As the brain is made up of 85% water, research indicates that that in order for our bodies to function properly, we must consume water during regular intervals.

“While the suggested daily water intake is eight cups a day, which roughly translates as one and a half/two litres, many people tend not to drink nowhere near as much, or even more worrying no water at all.

“Those who aren’t consuming enough water may suffer from early dehydration, resulting in lack of focus, loss of reasoning and decreased problem solving abilities. This is why it is essential for workers to have easy access to cool fresh drinking water.”

With more than 2,000 clients, ranging from both small and large scale businesses, leading retailers and sports clubs – Home 2 Office Water Coolers offers a range of services including bottled water coolers, plumbed-in/mains fed water coolers and natural bottled mineral water.

Steve added:

“Many offices are run on a dependency of tea and coffee, together with energy drinks and other high caffeine alternatives. Most office staff members believe that this will keep them alert and active throughout the day. However, as caffeine acts as a diuretic, those opting for caffeinated beverages instead of water are actually losing fluids rather than keeping hydrated.

“With that in mind, by having accessible easily dispensed water coolers in the office, it encourages employees to increase their hydration levels and ultimately their work performance.”

For more information about Home 2 Office Water Coolers visit or call 0800 458 1029.

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