Google Ventures invests nearly £60m into European tech

European tech companies are due to receive substantial investment as Google’s venture capital department announces a £58.44m London-based fund.

In a statement from London & Partners, the cash injection will:

“[allow] tech firms to access new investment, encouraging job creation and economic growth both in the city and beyond.”

Gordon, CEO of the firm which assists in the moment of international businesses into London, continued:

“This fund is excellent news for Europe’s tech companies and for London as a whole, […] helping innovative companies to further develop and turn their tech ideas and fuelling economic growth in the capital.”

Google Ventures

Google Ventures invests seed and early stage growth and already boasts successful investment in startups like Uber and Nest and is now expanding with a Clerkenwell headquarters.

Google campus has previously been the company’s primary startup presence in London – and a nucleus for the technology startup scene. It was opened in 2012 to “create an environment that encourages innovation through collaboration, mentorship, and networking.”

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