Hello to our age old friend ‘The Gender Pay Gap’

It seems somewhat ironic that in the same day where we are reading all about Calvin Harris, the world’s top ten highest paid DJ’s and the tens of millions of pounds they will take home this year (Forbes Electronic Cash Kings 2015), we are still having that same age old debate around women and the gender pay gap.

A new survey today carried out by the Chartered Management Institute and the pay analysts XPertHR, reveals that Female managers in the UK earn 22% less than their male counterparts and “work for free” for nearly two hours a day.

According to the survey of more than 72,000 managers in the UK, the difference in pay equates to one hour and 40 minutes of unpaid labour a day by women, or 57 working days a year.

The gender pay gap across management professions now stands at £8,524, with male earnings averaging £39,136 compared with £30, 612 for female managers, according to the survey.

The current government ensure us that new rules forcing companies with more than 250 workers to disclose the pay gap in their workplaces are coming. But here at The Women’s Organisation we still don’t believe that this is enough.


Maggie O’Carroll, CEO of The Women’s Organisation says:

“These statistics come as no surprise but it is still outrageous and companies need to have a penalty imposed – because this is the only way it will change their behavior!”

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