Liverpool encourages flu jab with immunise your ‘selfie’ campaign

Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust (LCH) has launched a new campaign to encourage its health staff across Liverpool, Sefton and Knowsley to get the flu vaccination to protect their vulnerable patients and colleagues this winter.


The ‘Immunise Your Selfie’ campaign found inspiration from the popular trend of ‘selfie’ photographs and aims to highlight how everyone can take responsibility for staying healthy this winter by braving the flu jab.

The campaign features real staff members from across the Trust posing for a selfie photo and highlighting their own, personal reason for getting the flu jab this year.

Over the coming weeks, all of the Trust’s 3000 workforce will be encouraged to join them in receiving the flu vaccination, and to share their own ‘flu selfies’ with colleagues online to help reinforce the message too.

A team of immunisers will be delivering a series of ‘drop in’ sessions offering on-the-spot vaccinations to all NHS staff in their different health settings and work places.

Any patients who come into contact with the Trust’s health services will also be offered a free flu immunisation, whether that’s at a surgery or whilst receiving care from health professionals in their own homes. Rachael Gosling, Public Health Consultant for Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust says;

“Throughout this Autumn we want to encourage as many people as possible to have a flu vaccination to help protect themselves, their colleagues, their family members and friends from catching the flu this winter, or spreading it to others in our local communities.” “Often people assume that if they’ve already had a flu jab in the last couple of years that they will be safe, but an immunisation only lasts forone year so it’s really important that people get the vaccination each winter to stay protected.”

Jill Byrne, Director of Nursing for Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust adds,

“Contrary to common belief, the flu is not just a serious cold or small bug. It is a highly contagious infection that leaves people feeling very unwell for a number of days, and it can be extremely serious and even life-threatening in some instances, especially for older members of our community or those living with existing, long-term health conditions.”

Those at greatest risk from flu this winter include people aged 65 and over, pregnant women, and those with any ongoing health conditions such as severe asthma, chest or heart complaints and diabetes. Anyone who would like a flu vaccination should speak to their GP in the first instance.


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