Liverpool to host Northern Power Women conference this March

The Northern Power Women conference will be held at Liverpool’s Hilton Hotel this March, with the aim of encouraging business leaders to rebalance the gender gap in their organisations.

Organised by the organisation of the same name, the Northern Power Women conference will be held on Thursday 12 March and will feature a number of speakers, as well as debate, discussion, workshops, learning, and networking.

Organiser Simone Roche said:

“The conference will build on the legacy of the 2014 International Festival for Business with a campaign to drive our audience to push for change.

“As 2015 is an election year we want attendees to pledge to fulfil their own campaign goals – whether this is changing jobs, learning new skills or making their workplace better.

“The conference will cover three aspects of this theme to encompass self, future talent and experience.”

The focus of the event will be the UK government’s drive to create a Northern Powerhouse and redress the balance of the UK economy.


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