Liverpool is Getting Goosebumps

Liverpool lads, Bryan Adams and Dave Hazlehurst, directors of Ph.Creative, could soon be best-selling authors after publishing their first Inbound Marketing book, Getting Goosebumps.

The pair have created a book that is set to bring inbound marketing success for many growing businesses.

The book offers digital marketing and social media strategies and tools that can be applied to real life working situations, rather than sets of theory.

It includes a host of useful downloads, tools and resources to inject emotion, strategy and value into your marketing.

In particular, the book lays out the level of understanding and insight you can glean from your audience from conducting simple research, that can reflect as very powerful currency within your messaging, content and the brand experience you create.

Getting Goosebumps is written by experienced marketers, still in the trenches of working every day with businesses.

Bryan Adams, director at PH.Creative and lead author said:

“The advice we offer isn’t so much academic theory, but ammunition that’s recently been fired and had demonstrably helped the businesses we work with, from small businesses and start-ups, to global brands such as Vodafone, LinkedIn and Virgin Media.

“Dave and I have worked hard to include recent examples of work to demonstrate contemporary marketing techniques, hopefully giving valuable and easy-to-understand insights into the world of marketing, regardless of experience.”

Dave Hazelhurst, co-director and co-author, added:

“Bryan and I passionately believe that understanding and being able to manipulate human emotions is one the most valuable commodities available to modern day marketers.

“Getting Goosebumps shows you exactly how to understand your customer and their emotions to serve both the best interests of them and you.”

If you’re a frustrated marketer or want to learn more about marketing your own business, this book will help you see the wood for the trees, get back to the basics and accelerate past your competition with ease.

To pre-order your book now, visit Amazon here:


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