Liverpool venues celebrate ‘Seafood Week’

In the midst of ‘Seafood Week’ two of Liverpool’s favourite venues are celebrating with some delicious fishy additions to their eclectic menus.

Trattoria 51

Trattoria 51 is set to celebrate Seafood Week in style with a range of delicious options.

Located on Old Hall Street, the classic Italian venue serves up a range of seafood dishes including Fresh King Scallops wrapped in Speck Ham with Leek Sauce, Homemade Crab Ravioli in a Light Creamy and Shrimp Sauce and Gravalax Scottish Salmon with Dill and Honey Mustard Sauce.

Diners can also choose from Pescatora pizza (prawns, mussels, tuna, anchovies, calamari), Linguine Scoglio (king prawns, calamari, queens scallops, samphire), Grigliata di Pesce (mix grill of fish and seafood, seabass fillet, king prawns, langoustine, tuna, calamari and king scallops) and Grilled Sardines served with Lemon Garlic and Chilli.

What’s more, the restaurant serves up ‘Catch of the Day’ comprising sustainable wild fish on the bone to cook simply on the grill or baked in rock sea salt.

General Manager and Co-Owner of Trattoria 51 Toni Karemanaj said:

“Here at Trattoria 51, we only serve the freshest seafood, which is why we’re so excited to celebrate Seafood Week with our wide range of menu options. Combining classic Italian flavours such as pizza and pasta with delicious ingredients such as prawns, mussels and calamari, we’re sure that our menu will delight seafood lovers across Liverpool.”

For further information or bookings visit or call 0151 236 4739.



Delifonseca Dockside and Fonseca’s Stanley Street are set to mark Seafood Week with delicious additions to its ever-changing blackboard menus.

The award-winning business will be putting extra fish-focused dishes in both of its restaurants, while Delifonseca Dockside’s on-site food hall is stocked with the best produce from around the world, providing all sorts of specialist ingredients to get the most out of cooking with seafood and fish at home.

Proprietor of Delifonseca Candice Fonseca said:

“We always have at least two or three fish dishes on our blackboard menus and we find they are usually very popular. Over the years, tastes evolve and change and we’ve noticed that more and more customers are happy eating fresh seafood straight from the shells. Clams, mussels, langoustines, crab etc. are increasingly being enjoyed as part of a dish partly because it’s a more leisurely and slower way to enjoy the food.  From cod to crab and sole to shrimp, there’s certainly something for everybody to enjoy during Seafood Week and beyond.”

For more information visit

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