Local nurses support Heart Rhythm Week

Supported by Liverpool Community Health (LCH) NHS Trust, Heart Rhythm week takes place 6-12 June and aims to raise awareness of early diagnosis and improve outcomes for the many people affected by arrhythmias.

Arrhythmias, or heart rhythm problems, are experienced by more than 2 million people of all ages each year in the UK. Most people with an abnormal heart rhythm can lead a normal life if it is properly diagnosed.

During the awareness raising week cardiac nurses will be at the following community venues undertaking routine pulse checks:

• Wednesday 8th June 9.30am -12noon , Belle Vale Health Centre, Hedgefield Road, L25

• Thursday 9th June 9.30am -12 noon , Breeze Hill Health Centre, 3 Rice Lane, L9

• Friday 10th June 9.30am -12noon, Mere lane Health Centre, Mere Lane, L5

Anne Marie Lawrence, Clinical Lead for the Heart Failure Service at LCH said:

“Symptoms of arrhythmias can include palpitations, feeling dizzy, fainting and being short of breath, although having these symptoms does not always mean you have a heart rhythm problem.”

“We are encouraging everybody to take on the Pulse Check Challenge during World Heart Rhythm Week. We aim to undertake lots of pulse checks during the awareness week, and to make members of the public more aware of their pulse and heart rhythm.”

If you would like further information or you are concerned about your heart rhythm, please contact your Doctor for further medical advice.

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