North West Fund backed Leanvation win Merseyside Innovation Awards

Leanvation, manufacturer of surgical gloves that are being used to save lives in ebola-affected regions of West Africa, has been awarded the first Merseyside Innovation Award for 2015.

Established in 2013, Leanvation was established with backing from the North West Fund for Venture Capital, which is managed by Enterprise Ventures.

Leanvation has created a range of 100% non-latex surgical gloves which are tree times softer than their standard surgical equivalent, giving the user more sensitivity and control during surgery and further reducing the risk of needle-stick injuries. These gloves also largely address the threat to healthcare workers experiencing career-threatening allergic reactions to latex gloves.

Last year, Leanvation shipped more than 50,000 paits of gloves to West Africa for healthcare workers combatting the ebola epidemic.

Leanvation founder Dr Jonathan Day said:

“We are very proud to have our innovation recognised by MIA,

“We believe the products we have created will transform healthcare, potentially on a global level.

“All over the world, surgical gloves are critical in protecting healthcare workers and patients from infection. Allergies previously associated with surgical gloves can also, in worst cases, prove fatal to patients, while posing a legitimate risk of ending medical careers.”

Entries are open for the Merseyside Innovation Awards 2015. The overall winner will receive £10,000 in cash, while the runners-up are given the opportunity to access specialist business support worth up to £2,000.


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Words: Peter Cribley

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