Orders pouring in from across the world for Royal Liver Building gin

Wirral Distillery has produced the range for Royal Liver Building 360, the new tour launched this year, to mark the building’s 108th anniversary. Tony McDonough reports

Royal Liver Building gin
Wirral Distillery has produced Royal Liver Building gin for Royal Liver Building 360


A Merseyside distillery is has launched a special edition Royal Liver Building gin to mark the iconic building’s 108th anniversary.

Orders are already pouring in from overseas, including as far afield as Australia, for the special edition beverage which has been produced by the Wirral Distillery. The range includes the ‘Bella and Bertie’ gin which is named after the legendary Liverpool Liver Birds and Nineteen Eleven references the year the Royal Liver Building opened.

Operators of the recently-opened Royal Liver Building 360 tour, who commissioned the speciality gins, say they have been inundated with orders since the gin went on sale this summer. 

Bella’s Gin is infused with flavours of fruit salad sweets and ideally garnished with a pineapple wedge and a raspberry to enhance its tropical notes. Bertie’s Gin is infused with flavours of Apple and Elderflower, ideally garnished with a wedge of cucumber and mint sprig.

Nineteen Eleven is a traditional gin with a soft juniper notes to give a robust yet delicate flavour and the special edition bottles for the gin, which come complete with a collector’s item Liver Bird bottle-top, were designed by local Merseyside artists The Jones Boys

Chris Devaney, operations manager for Royal Liver Building 360, said: “Orders for the gin have been pouring in from all over the world. We have been really lucky to work with a great local distillery and with The Jones Boys to create a bespoke product.

“Sales for gin have totally surpassed our expectations. People from as far a field of Australia have ordered the special bottles and we’re already taking orders for Christmas from gin fans and those who love all things Liverpool.

“The Royal Liver Building is such an iconic landmark and it seems people want their own little piece of it.” 

The gin is available from the new Royal Liver Building 360 tour inside the Royal Liver Building or online at www.rlb360.com

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