Research suggests gender pay gap is more prominent in smaller companies

Statistics from suggest that the gap in pay between the sexes may be more prevalent in smaller companies. is a leading salary benchmarking website and has produced compelling figures following the government’s plans to tackle the gender gap in pay.  .

As Liverpool is a city that consistently welcomes smaller businesses and start-ups, it is hoped that the harshness of these statistics can be tackled effectively.’s stats are based on data submitted anonymously by over 61,000 people.

The results show that for retail managers, the gap for large companies stands at 11%, while for companies with less than 250 employees it is as much as 26%.

When we take a look at VP levels of seniority in investment banking, men receive bonuses 50% bigger than their female counterparts in smaller companies, but double the size in organisations with over 250 employees

It seems that in consultancy, there is no gender gap for senior consultants in large organisations but there is a 20% difference in companies with less than 250 employees

The same is true for Legal Associates, with an equal salary in large firms but a 15% difference in firms with less than 250 employees.

Nurturing talent is something that the city of Liverpool strives to do – let’s hope that credit is given where due in all areas, regardless of gender.


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