The simple cure for small business’ HR headaches

The ever-changing requirements for employing staff can be one of the biggest drains on time and resources for small businesses, with busy entrepreneurs struggling with the burden of red tape for tasks like payroll, employment contracts and holiday allowance, while avoiding the potentially costly pitfalls of getting it wrong.

Help is at hand from a new service, citrusHR, which utilises user-friendly technology to offer small businesses an affordable solution that provides practical tools, intuitive software and honest advice that goes above and beyond simply stating what the law says.


The founder, David Lester is a serial entrepreneur who has spent 25 years running and investing in numerous small businesses. He has also enjoyed huge success in the small business services sector, setting up Crimson Publishing, the small business website. Having experienced first-hand the frustration that employment law and admin causes smaller employers he teamed up with leading law firm Keystone Law and HR Consultancy, Reabur to develop a simple and cost-effective solution.

citrusHR’s unique service mean that for the first time, entrepreneurs are able to access everything they need to start employing people in one place. At just £3 per month per employee, it provides a refreshingly affordable service for businesses that are too small to justify dedicated HR professionals or expensive lawyers.

It combines automated systems and in-depth advice with access to fully qualified CIPD consultants by telephone to answer any employment questions, and the slick process means a business can go from signing up to making its first job offer within just 20 minutes. While the service is primarily aimed at Directors or Office Managers of companies employing up to 30 staff, the user-friendly functionality will make the lives of everybody within the organisation much easier.

The easy-to-use, cloud-based citrusHR software automates more than 40 time-consuming HR processes with helpful reminders for when key dates are approaching, including:

  • Organising employment Law contracts
  • Setting up payroll
  • Taking on staff for the first time
  • Making redundancies and dismissals
  • Managing holidays and absence planning

One-click Payroll

citrusHR also features a “One-click Payroll” system to save time and eliminate the potential for human error, and provides a simple dashboard for an at-a-glance view of key metrics like staff numbers, turnover, salaries and sick days.

Because employment law is so complicated and fast-changing, citrusHR communicate the changes that clients need to know about in simple, understandable language. The contract templates, policies and documents within the system are updated automatically so clients can relax knowing that they are complying with the latest legislation at all times.

The team of experts behind citrusHR are available for interview, comment or by-lined articles on a range of employment topics. For more information or a free one month trial of citrusHR visit

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