Spice up your meal times with Lick My Dip  

Tired of Tabasco? Sick of sriracha? Had enough of Heinz? Lick My Dip is a subscription hot sauce service who want to champion small UK manufacturers and diversify your dinner, and they’re looking set to be the next foodie crowdfunding success story.

Founded by Dave Rotheroe, Lick My Dip are a subscription hot sauce service who want to champion small, UK-based manufacturers. What started out as idle musing when looking for something to act as a tasty pizza crust companion in the supermarket has now developed into a project to diversify dinner tables across the country.

Dave said:

“Supermarkets have a strong hold on consumers and it’s not in their best interest for people to want to try a different product every month. We believe this discourages diversity and impacts small businesses’ market share.

“Having spoken to a medley of the craft sauce manufacturers popping up around the country it was evident to see that although there is a healthy growth in the industry there are restrictions in commercial exposure and manufacturers are heavily overshadowed by cupboard staples such as Tabasco and Heinz.”

With the Lick My Dip service, subscribers will receive a different bottle of artisanal hot sauce every month delivered right to their door, as well as other chilli goodies from a new sauce manufacturer each month. Subscribers and amateur gourmands will even get an online recipe card to complement each month’s products so that they can create eye-watering deliciousness of their very own.

Right now, Lick My Dip is holding a Kickstarter and have already seen a great deal of interest, building a subscriber base of individuals who are ready to challenge their palates. Funds raised will be used to start marketing the service so that more people than ever can enjoy the Lick My Dip goodness. Even more importantly, this crowdfunding effort means that Lick My Dip can find out more about consumer and use Kickstarter as an innovative means of market research.

Dave explains:

“This approach parallels what we’ve seen happen with craft beer and how where once staple brands dominated the industry, now people are opening their eyes to the plethora of micro-breweries which has made for a massively stimulated market.

“Once this is in place, we can start generating bulk orders for these smaller manufacturers, give their brands great exposure to people who might otherwise have completely overlooked them, and challenge the current market by championing the underdog.”

To sweeten this spicy deal, Kickstarter rewards include memberships, t-shirts, grow-your-own chilli kits, and top sponsors can even earn hot sauce immortality with a personally named chilli sauce that will be delivered to subscribers all over the UK.

So get involved now if you want to get in on the ground floor and light a fire in your belly!

Use the twitter handle #supportthesauce to show your support, and visit the Kickstarter to find out more


Words: Peter Cribley

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