The Brink showcases new art exhibition

Liverpool based artist Cherie Grist will open her brand new art exhibition at The Brink today, Friday 29th May.

Cherie’s main objective is an ongoing exploration of her life, expressing past and present, projecting future life ‘scapes’ through abstraction.  Documenting experiences and coping strategies, turning her colourful life experiences into flamboyant and striking visual facts.

Cherie has been shortlisted for both the John Moores Contemporary Painting Prize and the Cass Art Prize, and has had numerous exhibitions in London and Liverpool.

Cherie said:

“I am interested in self discovery and how the world around me affects me.  My process is always automatic, from the paint used to the method in which I apply the marks.

“My work is extremely personal.  My paintings exist because of the world I’m surrounded by – each painting encapsulates everything that I was, and that was happening to me, at a certain time in my life.

“By having these visual references around me I can begin to understand more about myself and the world I live in.  I see all my paintings as self portraits.”

Cherie’s work will be on display at The Brink from Friday 29th May, the official opening, until September 29th.

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