The Chinese New Art Solo Exhibition Series expected to come to Liverpool

Following on from the successful President Xi State Visit to the UK, the Chinese New Art Solo Exhibition Series, sponsored by the Tianrenheyi Art Centre, launched at the Saatchi Gallery last night. The exhibition is expected to be rolled out to other major cities in the coming months, including Liverpool.

The exhibition series comprises of three solo exhibitions: Shen Qibin’s Backyard Garden hosted by the British academic consultant David Elliott; Jin Feng’s The Door anchored by the Chinese academic consultant Du Xiyun and Guan Ce’s The Tao of Bird presented by the American academic consultant Gary Xu. The three solo exhibitions will be presented at the Gallery simultaneously from 5-9 November.

Shen Qibin’s Backyard Garden creates a narration of the mixed distance, in order of “Gold, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth”, between history and reality, classic and frame, self and the world, reality and imagination. His approach is based on the traditional Chinese philosophy and culture. He uses the overprint of two classical elements – Shakespeare’s classic and the Chinese model books for painting. It expounds the thinking of Chinese and Western history and humanity.

Jing Feng’s Door takes reference from historical narration. In 1793, George III king of England took advantage of the Chinese Emperor Qianlong’s birthday, sending British Lord George Macartney to lead a huge mission to China. William Alexander (1767- 1816), Macartney’s accompanying artist, painted a batch of watercolor paintings along the way, which were related to the political, economic and local customs and practices. Jing Feng, in this exhibition, recreates the historical visual materials. The narration of the English company reappears on the large-scale Chinese old door sheet. The “door” opens and closes as a switching point of history and the present. The triple relationship of “crumple”, “restart” and “writing” serves as a reminder of the paradox foundation of historical writing.

Guan Ce’s ‘The Tao of Bird’ presents the artist’s obsession with materials and intertwined results from it. Ce has persisted in uninterrupted reading and thinking for decades. He keeps a distance perception for Chinese traditional artistic conception and poetic expression. In his work, the sense of rational “control” is infused through sensitive expression in art. The work colourably but accurately embodies the conflictive process of traditional culture and contemporary expression. The phenomenon covers the overall portrayal of current Chinese culture and philosophy. Guan Ce’s work appears insipid, while communicating deep meanings that cannot be restated.

As one of the world’s top contemporary art agencies, this is the Saatchi Gallery’s first attempt to hold solo exhibitions for the Chinese artists since its founding in 1985. This is a milestone in the art exchange history between China and UK. At the meantime, the 2015 China-UK Year of Cultural Exchange is the first of its kind in history. With the launching of the China Culture Season in September, the three Chinese artists’ exhibitions at one of the most important art spaces in UK will also make great contribution to the co-construction of the world culture. The Chinese New Art Solo Exhibition Series will become one of the highlights of the China Culture Season.

Gary Xu is excited to be showcasing his pieces at the Saatchi Gallery. He said:

“The exhibition will be a historic moment where curators and artists will collaborate to celebrate British and Chinese culture. With the variety of pieces on display over the three days, visitors will be able to experience an insight into this unique collaboration.”

An array of notable celebrities from around the UK who have a strong interest in art will come together to celebrate the launch night. Directors from major art agencies in Europe and America, distinguished guests in business and politics, honoured figures in the cultural and entertainment business are all set to witness this historical moment.

The Tianrenheyi Art Centre is the first comprehensive art platform in Zhejiang to engage in the contemporary art exhibition, research, publication, education, promotion and asset management of contemporary art. After four years of operation, it successfully held about 30 contemporary art exhibitions and is gradually evolving into one of the most active art agencies in China.

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