Trainer to create new generation of cyber experts

Backed by Liverpool City Region Combined Authority training firm Netcom Training is looking to create a new generation of Merseyside cyber specialists. Tony McDonough reports

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Netcom Training is looking to train people in cyber skills


A training firm is utilising funding from Liverpool City Region Combined Authority (CA) to offer a range of courses in cyber security.

Netcom Training is being backed by the CA’s Adult Education Budget to offer a range of courses in cyber security. It says senior engineers and technicians in the sector can earn upwards to £55,000 a year.

These courses are designed to give learners a better understanding of the industry and how threats such as malware and ransomware are impacting businesses, both in the region and worldwide.

Managing director Kevin Vashi said: “We have seen the demand for skilled cyber experts increase dramatically over the last few years in response to the growing threats from hackers and online scam artists.

“We have ambitious targets to build an army of cyber specialists in the Liverpool region to tackle the problem head on. These courses will give learners the tools they need to build careers in an industry where talent is scarce and job opportunities are vast.”

All part-time, the courses are delivered online over an eight-week period. They are available to people aged 19 years and above living in Halton, Knowsley, Liverpool, Sefton, St Helens, or Wirral.

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They are focused on supporting individuals from priority groups including low paid and unemployed, ex-offenders, veterans, ethnic minorities, people living with disabilities, and those returning to work after a career break.

Once completed, Netcom Training will assist learners in finding a suitable role in the local area. It will help them to apply those newly acquired skills to junior roles in software development, network engineering and penetration testing.

They are part of an ongoing contract between Netcom Training and the Combined Authority. It secured up to £1m a year of devolved Adult Education Budget funding from the combined authority in 2022 to provide digital courses.

To find out more and to apply, and to learn about other courses taking place in Liverpool, visit the Netcom Training website.

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