Verb Marketing secures new contracts worth £1.2m in 2019

In just six years, city centre-based Verb has become one of the fastest-growing digital marketing agencies in the UK. Sophie Sorrell reports

Verb marketing
Verb Marketing founder Dean Currall


Liverpool-based Verb Marketing has secured contracts worth £1.2m already this year.

In just six years, city centre-based Verb has become one of the fastest-growing digital marketing agencies in the UK. In 2017 it was reported the business had already generated more than £23m in extra revenue for its clients.

Verb has worked with a range of clients from FTSE 500 businesses such as P&G, B&Q, Porsche, and Hilton Hotel to prominent SMEs such as Kays Medical, DMF Wakefield and Sterling services. More recently it has been working with two large online retailers and the British company As well as this, Verb has also secured a contract with the NHS.

The NHS contract consists of three parts, working in different areas with the Clatterbridge Cancer Foundation. Verb is working with theThe Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, Clatterbridge Cancer Charity and Clatterbridge Private Clinic.

Verb founder Dean Currall, said: “We are incredibly privileged and honoured to be working with one of the largest employers in the world. The NHS is a wonderful organisation. It is incredibly exciting for us to utilise our skills to help raise awareness for important and life-affecting issues such as cancer and public healthcare.”

The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre

Verb is working with The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre to help it raise awareness of its expansion into Liverpool city centre, which will take place in 2020. Clatterbridge is one of the UK’s leading cancer centres.

It provides highly specialist cancer care to a population of 2.3m people across Merseyside, Cheshire and the surrounding areas. Its aims to improve cancer care even further through the development of its new 11-floor specialist cancer hospital in the heart of Liverpool, which will become its new main base.

It wanted help to raise awareness of the new expansion. Being located in central Liverpool alongside the Royal Liverpool University Hospital will significantly improve care for people with cancer. This is because the main base will be closer to the majority of the people they serve.

Being co-located next to a major hospital means it will be able to provide rapid access to intensive care and other key medical and surgical specialities, unlike before. It will be at the heart of thriving research which will offer even more ground-breaking cancer research and clinical trials.

Click here to watch a video about the new hospital

The new hospital will offer; cancer surgery, inpatient and outpatient care, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and other drug therapies, cancer support and rehabilitation, bone marrow transplant and urgent cancer care for the first time altogether on one site.

Verb is helping Clatterbridge to promote the new hospital in as many ways as possible. The aim is to get the support it needs along with making those who suffer from cancer aware of this new advancement in their treatment facilities.


Image of the new Clatterbridge cancer hospital in Liverpool 

Clatterbridge Cancer Charity

Verb is working with the Clatterbridge Cancer Charity to help it raise £5m in donations over the next 12 months. This money will go towards helping build the new cancer hospital in the centre of Liverpool and will ensure significant investment in its other sites such as the current cancer centre in Wirral. The charity put out a £15m appeal and with £10m having been raised already, Verb is working hard alongside the charity to help raise the remainder.

Dean added: “Verb is dedicated to helping raise this extra £5m for The Clatterbridge Cancer Charity. It is such an important and worthy cause. We want to ensure that they raise the funds needed to finish the work on their new specialist cancer hospital. The hospital will provide outstanding cancer care helping to save many lives and we are privileged to be helping them work towards achieving this.”

Clatterbridge Private Clinic

The Clatterbridge Private Clinic enlisted Verb’s help to increase awareness of private cancer care and generate more visitors. The Clatterbridge Private Clinic offers patients access to world-class consultants, state-of-the-art treatments, specialists in rare cancers and fast access to treatments with no waiting lists.

Clatterbridge Private Clinic offers a number of pioneering treatments such as Papillion Therapy and Proton Beam Eye Therapy which are only available in a few places around the world.

Many people are unaware that they can get private cancer care through Clatterbridge. The private clinic wants people worldwide to know that these highly specialised, state-of-the-art treatments and facilities are available. This will allow those who need it to take advantage of these facilities, getting the help and care they deserve.

Verb is helping to market Clatterbridge Private Clinic effectively to raise awareness. Verb has provided them with a well designed, easy to use and informative website that allows those interested to find all the information they need quickly.

It has made sure it is easy for users to find information on treatments offered, staff, consultants and what they specialise in, location and contact information.

A form is now provided on the website which potential patients can use to request a consultation with a preferred consultant. Verb has promoted awareness by making the website completely SEO optimised. This means it ranks highly on search results pages when people search for phrases relating to private cancer care.

Jacqui McElhinney clinic manager at the Clatterbridge Cancer Private Clinic, said: “The team at Verb are professional, reliable and proactive. Since engaging with Verb, we have had peace of mind that we are being represented correctly and are confident that Verb are continually maximising our marketing opportunities allowing us to focus on business delivery.”

Dean added:  “Verb have been working tirelessly to deliver more leads for the Clatterbridge Private Cancer Care Clinic, so they can deliver more ground-breaking and life-saving care to those suffering from cancer, all over the world.”

Reception at the Clatterbridge Private Cancer Care Clinic


As well as a new website, Verb has helped market the clinic in a number of other ways. Including; producing brochures for the clinic, business cards and providing beautiful images and flyers that allows the clinic to create a uniformed and recognisable brand.

By providing a range of marketing services for Clatterbridge, Verb has allowed them to focus their attention on their life-saving work, providing their patients with excellent cancer care, safe in the knowledge that they are being represented and marketed professionally and effectively. Verb has successfully promoted Clatterbridge’s services to thousands of people. The more who know about it, the more people they can help.

Continually providing excellent results

Verb’s client base is wide and varied. Its can turn its hand to anything, effectively marketing products such as  home appliances to driving sales up for hotels, from rebranding construction companies to helping promote fundraising and life-saving cancer care.

Businesses want to work with Verb because its has proven it can deliver and provide excellent results. Verb continually generates millions of pounds in revenue for its clients through skilled and effective marketing strategies. Dean states that he wants to “help his clients grow as fast as Verb is growing”.

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